New Year: New Goals !

New Year: New Goals !



The new has come to us all.
With that being said, it is time to make new goals for both ourselves and for our children.

Let us start off the new year right with a new type of outlook.

Let us start off the new year with some new type of fitness.


We invite you all to come to the Grappling Zone, where we have classes for both

children and adults.


If your child attends school near one of our two facilities,

* Houston (45 South between Almeda Genoa & Fuqua)

* Pearland

we have an after school program that can help

with bus services too. We will pick up your child from their school and bring them to the Grappling Zone where

they can do their homework and also get their martial arts training done.


So please come on by and lets make this year, the best year of your life AND the life of your child.

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