Grappling Zone Reviews

Grappling Zone Joel R.

Great facility! My little one has been training for over 2 and a 1/2 years as of today (9/25/2018). We love that they pick him up from his school and take him to the facility. He does his homework and then he trains with the instructors. His training has helped him so much from the 5 bullies he's had. We couldn't have asked for a better place for our son. It's not only a martial arts school; it's a family.

Joel R.

Grappling Zone Carrie V.

I started at Grappling Zone 3 months or so, and it was the best decision I've ever made. Starting at 240 pounds, my first kickboxing class was rough. I actually thought maybe I was in over my head and contemplated not coming back. I'm glad I did. Between Ruben, our instructor, and the other students in the class, I fell in love with it. I went every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I worked on form and cardio at home. In those 3 months I dropped to 210 pounds. I gained so much strength and confidence here. I decided I wanted to make this a lifelong commitment. Some days were harder than others, due to the fact that I work with very behavioral special needs adults and work was physically demanding, draining me before class, but every day I gave it my all. When I started to feel weak Ruben encouraged me and helped push me through it. I'm very sad that my kickboxing class is ending, but I recommend this place and their classes to everyone regardless of physical fitness level. If the kickboxing class is ever brought back, preferably with the same instructor, I'll be back.

On a side note, the people that work here are wonderful and the kids taking the other classes are so respectful. The overall environment was great. I can't emphasize enough how much I love grappling zone.

Carrie V.

Grappling Zone Ann M.

Very happy with the instruction and day camps. My kids (and husband) love it here.

Ann M.

Grappling Zone Dayron N.

By far one of the greatest decisions I ever made was enrolling into the grappling zone. The teachers are amazing and each class just has a high energy level that makes you wanna train and push even harder. I highly recommend enrolling if you want to learn jiu jitsu from masters or even if you just want to get into shape. I promise you won't regret it.

Dayron N.

Grappling Zone Daniel S.

I enrolled my son in the class and was so amazed at the activities that they do from sign language to hip-hop, jujitsu, and kickboxing and then I decided to take the class myself I've never been better, felt better this is the greatest decision I could have possibly made for me and my family. I highly suggest any and all parents enroll their children and for adults just to venture out and take a look at the adult classes.

Daniel S.

Grappling Zone Joel R.

My son had a bully at school and came home with a huge knot on his head, from the punch he received, so we brought him to the Grappling Zone. We only planned on having him here for 2 months and well, it went from 2 months to a year and 2 months. My son has learned so much about himself while training with the instructors. It's helped him become a leader and a great listener. Children need structure and this place helps with guiding children. About 2 months before Summer, my son was being picked on at school and also outside while he was playing. He isn't the same kid that he was a year ago. He didn't come home with any bruises this time; I can't say that about the other kids.

Joel R.

Grappling Zone Todd M.

Great place for young and old. The whole family practices here. From 7 to 50+. The best thing about this place is that my autistic son practices here and is accepted and they take time to work with him. We have been here over a year now and they even have a couple more special kids. It's a great confidence builder and helps with his motor skills. As an added bonus they even teach muay thai now.

Todd M.

Grappling Zone William M.

Good place to train with great people.

William M.

Grappling Zone Neel

Great place to train!


Grappling Zone Megan K.

My husband and sons go here. They all really like the instructor.

Megan K.

Grappling Zone Alicia M.

Great place. Kids love it and the instructor is amazing! 

Alicia M.

Grappling Zone Master Nixon

Top instruction from the areas top instructors. They care about their members and care about doing it right. Definitely the place to train.

Master Nixon

Grappling Zone Nickkie H.

James is amazing with the kids. My son loves going to practice!

Nickkie H.

Grappling Zone John R.

This an excellent academy with Elite Professors, who not only instruct, but also live the life. My three kids and I, all attend and have learned so much. It's our home away from home.

John R.

Grappling Zone Alexander J.

Great place to train with an excellent family environment and coach. Top notch. I've learned a lot.

Alexander J.

Grappling Zone Sherman M.

Excellent training. Made me feel right at home. Can't wait to go back!

Sherman M.

Grappling Zone Nick S.

Good friendly folks, known James awhile. Check it out

Nick S.

Grappling Zone Breno E.

O melhor do jj brasileiro... renomada equipe de Jiu Jitsu parabéns a todos da btt Texas pelo excelente trabalho

Breno E.

Grappling Zone Enid G.

My 4yr old son has only been in there for a couple of days & so far I've been really impressed with the place. They have a detailed schedule on what they do during the day. The owner has really been awesome as well. He sends me texts updating me on my son throughout the day, sending me pictures of him. Makes me feel real secure as a parent leaving my child there.

Enid G.

Grappling Zone Brittany P.

I am new to this type of environment and my first class was capoeira. This was out of my comfort zone but I truly enjoyed every minute of it. The diversity in the class, the instructor and the class mates made my transition into the class very enjoyable and helped push me! I'll definitely be back!

Brittany P.

Grappling Zone Elicia G.

9 years ago, I was hit by a drunk driver and had a bad whiplash injury. Within the last few months my back began to lock up and I was told I needed to find exercises that would stretch my back in new ways. I was told to look into yoga and jiu-jitsu. I called this gym, and they were immediately ready to help me get back to being my old self again!

I started going here in July of 2015 and haven't stopped! My back has great mobility and I no longer have the stress or worry that I'm not in control of my body.

I might be one of the only women that trains jiu-jitsu here, and the guys here have been extremely nice and welcoming. I never feel out of place, or uncomfortable. Professor Rose and Professor Dentinho have such great technique, I look forward to learning from them each time I come to the gym. The foundation of Jiu-jitsu is self defense, and that is something I think all women should learn.

Elicia G.

Grappling Zone John D.

I have been traveling from Lake Jackson twice a week for a year and a half just to train with some of the best instructors ...period! The attention to detail and the overall wealth of knowledge that I have received from training here make the drive so worth it. Jiu-jitsu has made my life better physically and mentally on and off the matts. I would highly recommend this school to someone who's never trained before. The training is set to your pace.

John D.

Grappling Zone Ishmael D.

James and Denthino have such a great thing going at this school. I have done 7:15 class and open mat almost every week. The technique is always at a very high level. If you get the chance or know someone who wants to learn real Brazilian Jiu Jitsu within a positive environment then check this place out. Five stars!!!

Ishmael D.

Grappling Zone Alexander J.

My son and I both train here. The instructors are top notch and prepare you well. I started in July of this year and already competed in one tournament and won 2 gold medals! I am 40, so don't think you are too old to start.

Alexander J.

Grappling Zone Helen L.

I first came to Master Jiu-jitsu in January 2015 diagonsed with diabetes, overweight and with ZERO energy. I was expecting a regular work out routine but after 2 weeks of the Fighter Fitness Class, I noticed a difference in my sugar level and it would encourage me to come back. Today I'm 70lbs lighter, I FEEL GREAT, no more health issues, I can sleep well, I eat better, my insulin levels are normal and my energy level is great!! I'm always encouraging my friends and family to join me in my workouts because I want them to feel as good as I do! I have truly experienced results I am very happy with, I still have my goals to reach and with The Fighter Fitness Workout and SPARK (clean energy drink), I know I will reach them!

Helen L.

Grappling Zone Mike F.

This gym is the most innovative progressing gym around. Whether just beginning ypur journey in bjj or already seanoned vet this gym offers it all from fitness to ground n pound . highly recommend taking advantage of your free week today.

Mike F.

Grappling Zone Sakina S.

My two daughters are enrolled in jiujitsu here and I attend the G-Fitness class. We've only been going for 3 weeks, and I love everything about it here. The instructors are great with the kids and they make learning fun for them. As well as teaching them to always have respect and always think positive. The staff they have in the front area always make you feel welcome when you arrive. Stop by and you'll love it too..

Sakina S.

Grappling Zone Alissa G.

What a welcoming family oriented environment! I love this place and the people who train and teach here. Besides an awesome childrens' program in brazillian jiu-jitsu they have so many different classes like mma, kickboxing, G-Fit, and so many more for adults to get in shape as well. I am a part of the G-Fit (Get Fit) class and I saw results in my body by week one, they work you HARD! Everyone here knows each other, and if you're new you feel welcomed as soon as you walk into the doors. Definitely recommend this place to everyone of all ages.

Alissa G.

Grappling Zone Pixel L.

This school offers a variety of forms whether its Brazilian jujitsu, Judo, Capoeira, Fitness or Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts Master Wadley and his instructors are very knowledgeable and stress the basics needed for every form. There is no pressure to do anything you don't want to do but when you're determined the instructors and students are there with you every step!

Pixel L.

Grappling Zone Luki D.

Our daughter loves the summer camp and all the fun activities she is participating in. We highly recommend Grappling Zone and it's instructors. We look forward to her improving her jujitsu skills with the help of these highly talented coaches.

Luki D.

Grappling Zone Marissa B.

My son loves everything about his entire day here. They also pick up at his school during the school year! Definitely a thumbs up!! The staff is amazing as well!

Marissa B.

Grappling Zone Deny G.

Love it!! My boy loves it too!! He gets to have fun and learn at the same time!

Deny G.

Grappling Zone Beatriz A.

My kids LOVE it! I LOVE it! My son is enjoying himself so much; I haven't heard him complain at all. My daughter is loving the fact that she can be there to & assist with the little ones. An awesome learning opportunity for them both!

Beatriz A.

Grappling Zone Ally H.

The kids are loving going to summer camp! Lots of fun activities planned & I love getting updates throughout the day!

Ally H.

Grappling Zone Ryan R.

A great family friendly environment to train and get in shape. The instructors are amazing for all skill levels.

Ryan R.

Grappling Zone David T.

Been here 2 months & dropped about 16lbs already & I feel AMAZING. Mrs. Terri & Prof. Wadley are also the most patient & wise people I've ever met, no lie they are full of wisdom! They welcomed me with open arms & are more like friends at this point. Highly recommend coming by to try out their free week here & you can thank me later! Prof. Alexandro Ceconi is our evening Jiu-Jitsu instructor & is quite the technician! Look him up! I can't wait to put baby Olivia in their kids classes! One more year for her!

David T.

Grappling Zone Jarell N.

I love grappling zone.. you can just feel the love and great positive energy as soon as you step foot in the gym...

Jarell N.

Grappling Zone Debora G.

I am doing the marketing for Grappling Zone and wanted to go by and check out the facility for myself. I was so impressed with the Summer Camp program I just had to share. I got there as the children were starting their martial arts exercise for the day. They loved it! The children were well behaved and followed their instructor. Then it was time for lunch....what was placed before the children was a very healthy-home made meal. One of the instructors brings in lunch everyday for the children. The menu for the day was chicken salad with vegetables on crackers. She brought one in for the owner and I to eat as well. OMG....if all I went away with was the recipe it would have been worth it. However, what I saw was children in a healthy environment with no "TV or electronic devices" to play with, but good wholesome fun. All this with a smile on their faces.

Debora G.

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