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Alex Daltro

Alexandre “Scud” Daltro is skilled in various martial arts such as Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. At the young age of twelve in 1989, instructor Daltro began practicing Capoeira in Brazil under Mestrando Sabiá, he later became the top practitioner in his country, and within his Capoeira group was amongst the top few of such a high belt level. He was given the nickname “Scud” meaning “the missile” in 1990 while training Capoeira. He certainly carries this nickname over into Brazilian jiu jitsu. In 1996, he started training Brazilian jiu jitsu for a few years in Brazil before moving to the U.S. to later continue training once settling in the state of Georgia.  Professor Daltro is a Black Belt under the Great Professor Roberto Traven.  His passion for jiu jitsu shows within all of his students he has had both past or present.

Professor Daltro teaches children and adult classes at SE Houston and Pearland.  

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